Session on Rural Water, Food Security and SDGs

At the Qingdao International Water Conference the Rural Water and Food Security component of the CEWP Partnership Instrument Project presented its potential contributions to the Sustainable Development Goal for Water.

The session reported on the status of SDGs in the EU and China followed by PI RURAL contributions to water use efficiency by allocation of water in agriculture according to its economic value. The session finished with EU and Chinese solutions for rural water supply and village-level wastewater treatment that are affordable to the rural population of China, assuming that they carry the costs of operation and maintenance, while government will provide the investment in infrastructure. 


The session drew a full auditorium with >50 participants.

The PI Rural events are open-minded, effective and enlightening high-level meetings between EU and China (YAO Jingwei, Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research).


The PI RURAL program in Qingdao took a practical approach by bringing together not only government agencies, research institutes and NGOs, but also solution providers with pilot projects already developed in China (HU Feng, China Water Risk).

Contact: Policy Dialogue Coordinator Lars Skov Andersen,