CEWP Workshop on River Restoration




The minimisation, rehabilitation and restoration of river systems is a complex issue that involves expensive and lengthy processes as well as multi-level approaches that are capable of producing benefits to human wellbeing and environment. Building on the work of the China Europe Water Platform co-lead on “Restoration, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity” and following the need to implement effective, efficient and engaging restoration projects that simultaneous deliver appropriate species composition; structural diversity; physical conditions; ecosystem functions; promote external exchanges and cease threats (SER, 2016) a workshop session on River Restoration Standards will be host in Beijing, China from the 6th-7th of February.

The CEWP Workshop on River Restoration will feature EU and China keynote speakers. Apart from oral sessions, the workshop will include poster sessions that can be sent until 2nd of February. The first day of the workshop is dedicated to site visits, the morning of the second day is dedicated to presentation of case studies in Europe and China having in regard different approaches of restoration standards. The second half of the day will be followed by two workshop sessions where participants are expected to contribute to: 1. identify the problems and needs of developing appropriate restoration standards and 2. indicate possible solutions to define restoration standards that can be useful tools for practitioners.