CEWP Held Several Events During Qingdao Water

European and Chinese stakeholders of the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) met on the 26th June in Qingdao, China for celebrating the official start of a new series of projects funded by the European Union’s Partnership Instrument in support of the CEWP.

In the kick-off workshop on 26th June the stakeholders discussed the different objectives and actions planned within the frame of the projects funded by the EU (2018-2021). The support from the EU will enable the CEWP to strengthen its leading role in the field of China-Europe water cooperation which includes e.g. river basin management, rural water, the links between urbanization, energy and water, international water policy and business and innovation issues. The presentations of the kick-off workshop are available here.

On 27th June the stakeholders gathered for a Joint Steering Committee Meeting of the CEWP. The meeting ended with a renewed commitment on both the Chinese and European sides towards the Water Platform, whose work is based on mutual interest and mutual benefit. The Joint Steering Committee meeting approved the Terms of Reference and Rules for Procedures for CEWP and the CEWP Work Programme for 2018-2019.


The CEWP also held several events during the conference, including three business related Access Program Events on 27th and 28th June. CEWP’s Access Program provides insights and future market requirements for water tech solutions.

PI Rural, which is the Lot 2 of the Partnership Instrument Project, organized on 27th a session Relations of Rural Water and Food Security to Water SDG. Read more about this session here.

The workshops organized on 28th were Game Changers for the Future Market and Addressing the challenges - The Role of the Market and Innovation. Read more about these sessions here.