CEWP Access Program Activities at CWEC Qingdao International Water Conference

Business and Innovation Dialogue will constitute a key part of the CEWP PI during the next coming years. The first Access Program pilot events focused on Rural Water Management Challenges.

Over the coming years, 2018-2021, China Europe Water Platform will showcase state-of-the-art solutions within all relevant market segments. We will organize country-wide discussions outlining features of future solutions, including: 1) application of full-scale circular economy approaches, 2) unfolding different perspectives of digitalization and establishing frameworks for business-cases and 3) infrastructure investments based on true cost of water (which lower operational and reinvestment costs and are cost-beneficial to society).

This Business & Innovation Dialogue was initiated by first pilot events held as two sessions on June 28th, 2018, during the CWEC Qingdao International Water Conference. Here, market segments related to Rural Water Issues were in focus, including water supply, small scale wastewater treatment, irrigation, agricultural water use etc.

The first of the two sessions focused on Game Changers for the Future Market, including three parts:

  • Setting the Scene, where four presentations discussed the existing challenges
  • Introducing State-of-the-art Technologies, where three company pitches were made
  • Banking: how to make projects bankable, a discussion on how to develop bankable projects.


The second session focused on the Role of the Market and Innovation in addressing the Water Management Challenges, divided in two parts:

  • The Provinces of Fujian and Hubei, and the Hai River Commission presented their key challenges and companies pitched their solutions, with the aim of establishing concrete co-operation.
  • A discussion on the perspectives of Open Innovation and related Matchmaking.

Presentations from these sessions can be found below. More presentations will be uploaded later.


During 3rd Quarter, 2018, the detailed program for the coming years’ activities will be unfolded and presented here at the website.